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Summer Staff Needed

Pathfinder Lodge is looking for young and older adults to fill the summer positions of: Camp Counselors, Waterfront Staff, Assistant Cook, Program Director, Kitchen Staff, Nurse.

Camp Vick is looking for young and older adults to fill the summer positions of: Camp Counselors, Waterfront Director, Program Director, Cook and assistant Cook, Nurse.

To apply, download an application and three reference forms, fill them out and either email them, or mail them to our office.


End of year apeal

This time of year you are inundated with letters and requests for your consideration of giving, why is this one any different?  Why should you read on?  Maybe it isn’t, and maybe you shouldn’t, or just maybe, this is the one letter that will stir your passion.

Vick and Pathfinder Camp and Conference Ministries is a new mission organization, born out of more than 65 years of American Baptist outdoor ministries.  Because we are new, there is no safety net of back up funds.  Yet we believe in never turning away a child due to financial need.  In 2012 that translated in just over $30,000 of free unsubsidized camping given away to children in need.

In 2012 there were 481 children who attended our camp programs, many other adults used our facilities to participate in a spiritual retreat or hold a conference.  We celebrate that each week during the summer 10 to 20 new commitments are made to follow Jesus, and many people commit to going into full time professional ministry!  Our purpose is to introduce people to Christ, equip them to grow spiritually and equip them to minister to their world.

We are finishing our first official year of operation, even though we have been doing this ministry for 67 years.  We are hoping to finish strong, and therefore start our second year in a solid position to continue to minister in the way we believe God has called us to.  With the economy still struggling, there will be more requests for financial assistance in 2013.  Would you help us get off to a great start by making an end of the year donation to VP Ministries?  It can be general, or to the scholarship fund, to allow us to continue bringing in those children who would otherwise not be able to experience Camp, the outdoors, and being unplugged from the electronic world for a week.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this end of the year need.  We would also invite you to become a regular contributor going forward.  Please prayerfully consider being a partner with us.

Your Servants in Christ,

 The Vick and Pathfinder Camp and Conference Board and Staff!

Rev. Dr. John R. Buskey