Out Of The Box Camps


Week 1 (starts July 6th) – ARTS

Grade 1-6 – 2 crafts per day

Grade 7-12 – Record your part for a comedy skit that will be compiled and posted on our social media. Email check-ins will occur throughout the week for feedback on costuming, staging, etc. Watch videos from artistic experts and share your creations with us

Week 2 (starts July 13th) – Mystery/Challenge

Grades 1-6 – a mystery box that will give campers daily riddles, treasure hunts to go on, “I Spy” and other mysterious things!

Grades 7-12 – This challenge box features daily challenges for campers to complete. At the beginning of the week there will be an email correspondence with the campers to set goals for the week that encourage positive habit formation, particularly focused on Spiritual disciplines.

Week 3 – starts July 20th – Science & Mindfulness

Grades 1- 6 – Science Week. 2 crafts/activities/experiments for each day will be sent along with links to “How To “videos. For some experiments, we will ask campers to share videos of how their experiments turned out.

Grades 7-12 – this week’s box is focused on Mindfulness. The goal is to help campers build listening and reflection skills to help learn from God. This will include journaling guided by questions presented by a qualified adult to help develop these skills and greater self-awareness.

Week 4 –starts July 27th – “Camp in your Backyard”

This week aims to bring Beginners/Discovery/Teen Challenge into one week, so there is one box for this week not separated by grade. Each day there will be a dining hall sing along, activities, and experiences meant to bring the whole family together in the camping experience. Examples include: build your own fort, dress up your parents, fishing.

Week 5 – starts August 3rd – International Week

We have had so many international staff over the years, and this week aims to bring a bit of global culture into your home. Each day will feature international staff talking about their home as well as a snack and craft themed to their home country.

Week 6 – starts August 17th – REPLAY WEEK

The goal is to bring back the best activities from previous weeks. The activities will be determined by camper feedback.

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