Work Weekends

Every spring and fall each of our camps hosts a work weekend. It’s a great opportunity for groups, teams and families to visit and help prepare the camps for the season. Bring your own tools, or use ours. There’s light work and heavy work. Tasks for novices and for experts. We have something for everyone!

This year we will host two work weekends at Pathfinder Lodge. Instead of a work weekend at Camp Vick we are hosting a Camp Vick Fall Celebration (learn more).

Fall Work Weekends at Pathfinder Lodge


October 1 from

Scope of work includes:
Moving mattresses and other materials to dining hall for storage
Filling in gravel washouts (in front of dining hall; footbridge by Cottage; and areas around waterfront)
Raking leaves from pathways
Removal of pontoon from water
Removal of boat docks
Removal of swimming beach equipment
Miscellaneous minor repairs (will have a specified list by area)
**Water and snacks provided; please bring a lunch

Water Shutdown Day at Pathfinder Lodge


October 22,2022

Anyone with plumbing experience and a desire to learn the water system is welcome to join the crew in helping with this heavy task. Email for more information, including time.  

** Lunch will be provided

Register below or call or email our office

Call 315- 692- 4862 or email

Look For Spring Work Weekends After Winter Thaw