Summer 2021 Program

A Return to Camp!

We are so excited to return to a traditional overnight summer camping program this year. We have started hiring and have lots of volunteer opportunities to get us ready for an amazing summer season. 

Registration Information

Pathfinder Lodge Children and Teen Sessions

June 27-30Beginners 11st-4th Grades$300
June 27-30Leadership Training10-12th Grades$240
June 27-July 2Xtreme Outdoors5th-10th Grades$460
July 5-10Jr. & Sr. High Challenge8th-12 Grades$460
July 5-10Pathfinder Lodge Investigates4th-7th Grades$460
July 5-10Discovery2nd-4th Grades$460
July 11-16Sailing7th-12 Grades$485
July 11-16Life-Sized Games4th-7th Grades$460
July 11-16De-Stress Week6th-12 Grades$460
August 8-13Water Adventure7th-12 Grades$460
August 8-13Exploration Explosion4th-7th Grades$460
August 15-20Replay Week4th-10th Grades$460
August 17-20Begin Again (Beginners II)1st-4th Grades$300
Summer Registration

Special Needs Camp

June 28-July2Special Needs I$690
August 9-13Special Needs II$690
Summer Registration

Camp Vick Children and Teen Sessions

July 19-24Frontier Boys3rd-7th Grades$425
July 19-24Camp Vick Investigates3rd-7th Grades$425
July 19-24Wet and Wild7th-12th Grades$425
July 25-30Mission Possible7th-12th Grades$450
July 25-30Frontier Girls3rd-7th Grades$425
July 25-28Beginners-Vick Style1st-4th Grades$300
August 1-6Splash Camp3rd-7th Grades$425
August 1-6Surviving Frontier 8th-12 Grades$425
Summer Registration
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